Conducting Premiere

I mentioned a few weeks back that I have the honor of hearing the premiere of a choral piece I wrote this summer, which will be performed Sunday by Collegiate of Luther College.  Well, there’s a small update, which is that I will, in fact, be conducting that premiere!  Dr. Andrew Last invited me to lead today’s rehearsal and to conduct the performance in Sunday’s worship service (10am [Central Time] at the Center for Faith and Life at Luther).  It was so fun to work with them today and to receive such positive feedback.  What I wouldn’t give to have a choir like that!  I’ve read that the service will be streamed if you’re free Sunday morning and would like to watch it live.  Otherwise, I’ll share a recording at a later date!  Thank you to all those who have given me words of congratulations and encouragement.  This is a new experience for me and is both gratifying and humbling!

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