The summer has been just as summers should be – low-key and relaxing!  I did not gig much other than singing for friends’ weddings across North America… literally – from Napa to Newfoundland.  But there was one bit of news from the summer which I’d like to share: a new composition of mine, “All Will Be Well,” will be premiered by the Luther College Collegiate Choir at Homecoming this October!  This fall marks the 10th anniversary of composition professor Brooke Joyce’s tenure at Luther, and he has invited all of his students back to celebrate.  We were all encouraged to submit pieces for the occasion, some of which will be performed at various events throughout the weekend.  This is my first compositional award of this nature, and I’m very excited to return to Decorah, IA in October (for the first time in many years!) to hear my piece and celebrate Prof. Joyce. 


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