Meet Amanda

Recognized by the Yale Institute of Sacred Music as a conductor “of exceptional promise and achievement,” Amanda Weber is passionate about uniting music, art and community through her work as a conductor, teacher, performer, artist and social activist.

Music is our tool, not our purpose.

I believe singing together is an opportunity for healing, building community, learning, and advocacy. My experience with a variety of choirs – from professional choir to high school choir, college choir to homeless choir, church choir to prison choir – continues to prove this time and again. Singing together is much more than the music we create.

“It’s not only the music that I would like to thank you for… It’s your patience, and your kindness, it’s the joy you bring and the joy you give when you’re directing and teaching us new songs. It’s the compassion you have for what we go through and the injustice circumstances we conquer daily. Being a part of Voices of Hope has put confidence in my voice and empowered me to share my talents with others.”

Voices of Hope singer

Watch Amanda’s TEDx talk to learn about Voices of Hope and the healing power of music.


Amanda specializes in working with choirs of all kinds, having held positions with high school choirs, college choirs, community choirs, and church choirs. She has a passion for working with all ages and levels, helping singers make discoveries through music.


Amanda’s training includes emphasis in Nadia Boulanger’s approach to music – that music is a language, and to make music means learning every facet of that language. Teaching is one of Amanda’s core passions and values, whether in the classroom or in a rehearsal.


In all aspects of her craft, Amanda seeks out opportunities to collaborate with others, recognizing the value of a broader range of voices. Amanda has engaged in musical collaborations, inter-arts collaborations, organizational collaborations, and more.

Let’s create something together.