Mountain Vespers

invitation2This past Sunday was my first Sunday at my new church job at Faith Lutheran Church in Middletown.  It was a blast, and there was a lot of energy and excitement around trying new things and inviting new people.  So, here’s my invitation to you!  Beginning this Wednesday (Oct 1), we will be having a weekly vespers service at Faith.  This mid-week worship concept is an opportunity to try some new things in a more informal worship setting.  For the next six weeks, we will be using Kent Gustavson’s “Mountain Vespers” liturgy, which is in a bluegrass style.  (To learn a bit more about Kent’s inspiration for writing this, watch his Ted Talk.)  I have had the pleasure of playing mandolin for this liturgy dozens of times now, carrying it with me from DC to camp to Yale and now to Middletown.  It is a blast to play and sing, and I would love to share it with you!  Please consider joining us on one (or many) of the upcoming Wednesdays!  Dinner at 6pm, worship at 7pm.  All are welcome!

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