Singing in Ecuador

Last summer, I spent a month in Quito, Ecuador learning Spanish.  When I left, I didn’t imagine I would have the opportunity to return for quite awhile.  But this January, a miracle of sorts happened: I was asked to sing a gig in Quito.  This was surprising considering I heard very little music during my time there.  So when I was asked to sing for a Sacred Music Festival, I could hardly believe it even existed.  But it was true, and so six of my colleagues joined me and an early music ensemble from Indiana to perform music by Rogier and Clemens.  This lined up perfectly with our Spring Break, and we had a fantastic time visiting Quito and performing two concerts.  My host family from last summer was able to attend; what a fantastic opportunity to share my gifts of music with my Ecuadorian family!  Our concerts were well attended, and I was so pleased to see early music finding a place in Ecuador, preparing for the Holy Week to come.

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