TCWC Emerging Female Composer

I am shocked and delighted to be the winner of the 2016 Mary Bussman Twin Cities Women’s Choir Emerging Female Composer Choral Competition!  My composition, “Voices of Hope,” will be performed by the Twin Cities Women’s Choir at their Divas & Desserts concert this May.  The text for this piece was written by my mentor from DC, Rev. Karen Brau.  I am so grateful for her collaborative spirit and powerful words:

When women gather and sing
their voices deliver hope

Notes sound from homemade instruments
bodies singing stories and dreams
tones of love and sorrow

Songs of night tears
generational vocal chords
pressed to silence
by burdens of the days

Songs at daylight
rise with strong melodies
grace notes energize new births
choruses beat with hope

May these be voices
that people hear.

Sept 2016

Read more about the award and the upcoming concert here.

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