Presentation: Music & the Homeless

One of the fun additions to my semester has been working as a voice teacher for a course at the Yale Divinity School/Institute of Sacred Music.  The course, called “Music Skills and Development for Vocal Ministry,” aims to give musical training to those entering professions in worship.  So in addition to weekly class, each of the 12 divinity students receives a 30-minute voice lesson each week.  It has been a wonderful and fun opportunity so far!  I’ve offered to give a “bonus session” about my experience with music and homeless women in DC – a lecture I’ve had the opportunity to give on several different occasions now.  I’m especially excited this time around because, whereas I’ve mostly shared this lecture with professional musicians, this time I get to share it with more of a lens of ministry.  The presentation will be this Friday evening at 6:45pm in the Great Hall at the Yale Divinity Quadrangle.  It will be paired with another presentation by my friend and colleague Stephanie Tubiolo, who will be speaking about her experience with the New Haven Summer Youth Choir which she founded a couple years ago.  Should be a fantastic evening of contemplating choral music as a tool for healing and justice!

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