Conducting Premiere Arrangement of Brant Piece

I have recently been asked to co-conduct for a very unique and exciting opportunity:  On September 11th, I will join conductor Neely Bruce from Wesleyan University to conduct Henry Brant’s Flight Over a Global Map at the Festival of New Trumpet Music at the Roulette in Brooklyn.  Originally written for 100 trumpets, 3 percussionists, and piano, Brant mentioned before the end of his life that he wanted to create a version for 52 trumpets.  Between the materials Brant left and the expertise knowledge of Neely Bruce, we are putting this premiere arrangement together.  Look for me at the back of the hall!  I’ll be managing about 25 trumpets and a drumset, all spread out in a surround-sound formation, while Neely conducts the others from the front.  Check out the Roulette’s website for concert and ticket info.

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