AJFO Conference Presentation

I’m delighted to have been selected to present about the Voices of Hope at the 17th bi-annual Conference of the Association for Justice-Involved Females and Organizations (AJFO) in Santa Clara, CA this coming December.  Their theme this year is “Changing the Narrative for Justice-Involved Women and Girls: Journey from Reform to Transformation,” and I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned about incarcerated women embodying womanhood through choral music.

Concert: Voices of Hope

This coming Saturday, the Voices of Hope will present their concert, “On a Mission.”  This concert represents the work of the past 12-weeks – one “quarter” in the prison’s academic system.  During this quarter, we have explored questions about why we sing and what our mission is.  We are excited to share what choir means to us, as well as offer several great pieces for an audience of 100 incarcerated women as well as 15 outside guests.  Check out our program for this concert below:VOH program June 17.jpg

TEDx Talk on YouTube!

My TEDx talk has finally come out for the public to see!  I had to watch it several times to give edits, and although it makes me cringe to watch myself on video, I’m proud of the result and excited to share it with you.  Please pass it along to others; it’s so important that we share the message of the Voices of Hope, who would otherwise be invisible to our society.